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Related post: Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2010 07:37:21 -0700 (PDT) From: Pete Brown Subject: Reluctant Gladiator, Part Twenty FourRELUCTANT GLADIATOR - Part Twenty Four A story by Pete Brown (petebrownuk all of Pete's stories at let go of me, got to her underage fucking girls feet, then stood in front of the two of us undressing slowly and provocatively. My dick was not really getting hard, and when she reached out I took her hand and she pulled me to my feet to stand next to her. Then she threw her arms around my neck to kiss me, and her tits rubbed against my hairy chest. Jon was still kneeling, and as I continued to kiss his wife and stroke her back with my hands, he pulled down my sweat pants and I stepped out of them. He got to his feet to join us, underage asian nude pushing his boxer shorts down and allowing his dick to spring upwards as mine already was - I suppose I was surprised that I took so much notice of him at a time like this - I ought to have been totally focussed on the woman, and now I found myself thinking that he was nicely hung, and being envious of the way that his foreskin was still shrouding his dick head slightly. He pushed one of my arms aside and joined Anne and me, and we stood in a triangle, rubbing our bodies together underage drinking conference and sighing and moaning with excitement.We moved to the bedroom, and it was an easy fuck for me. Jon did all the stuff to really excite her and get her juices running, and I could relax and enjoy seeing the underage top bbs muscles in his shoulders and back move as his tongue slid illegal tgp underage in and out of her, and then as he worked his fingers into her. When I was told, all I needed to do was slide my dick in, and fuck away conscientiously: we did it "missionary", and I could see she was in ecstasy from my dick, but I knew somehow that it wasn't right for me - I ought to have been crying out and moaning with my own pleasure and joy, but it was simply wasn't as good, as exciting, as fucking Mike or the kid. It was good to watch Jon afterwards, though: once I'd shot my load, had rested inside her (as she told me to when I went to pull out, as she said that she wanted to give my swimmers the best chance possible), and had virgin underage fuck finally been allowed to shemale underage withdraw, Jon underage virgins hardcore started to fuck her passionately and vigorously - I lay beside them watching his body, seeing the muscles in his butt and thighs as he pounded away, and sex underage movies making comparisons between him and Mike (who I'd seen fuck many times, as you know). It was wrong - something inside told me that - I ought not to be focussing on another guy's butt, and oughtn't to be thinking about how different in shape his long, lean muscles were compared to the bigger, firmer ones of Mike: this wasn't what guys were supposed to do. But it was fun. And when he'd finished, underage nudity chat he lay between us, and he didn't mind when I free underage mpeg pushed my body against his and animal underage pics sort of sandwiched him between me and Anne - I guess he thought I couldn't help having my dick almost wedged in his ass crack.About an hour later Anne got up, leaving me and Jon lying there, and came back shortly with big slices of pizza and more beer. It was fantastic - I hadn't had pizza for five years, and lying there in bed eating it with them, and then chugging down a couple more beers, pre underage jpg made it even more special. Of course underage chelda I had to "perform" again, then we all went to sleep.I woke up some time in the middle of the night with a raging hard on. I suppose I might have fucked Anne again then, but she was deeply asleep with Jon lying against her, his arm thrown over her underage voyeur panties breasts. I couldn't help it - I moved my body closer to Jon's, and his scent and his warmth inflamed me even more. Gently, very gently, I moved my dick between his butt cheeks and slowly, very petite nude underage slowly, rubbed my body up and down, revelling in the sensation from my dick. I couldn't help it. It was so erotic. My dick was almost hurting, it was so hard. I needed relief, and I stroked myself, not fast, hot hard - but it was enough: I shot a load over Jon, mostly down his butt crack. I was terrified then - I mean, even I could see that I'd taken underage bbs websites advantage of Jon, even though I hadn't actually gone right into him - what would he and Anne do to me, especially as they had that control box? But as I lay there and listened to their breathing, I realised they were still asleep, and as for the cum, well, we were all three pretty sweaty and there had been an awful lot of my cum, and an awful lot of his anyway.... I knew I had got away with it.I fucked Anne one again the next morning, followed by Jon again, then she got up leaving us lying there again and came back with a tray with glasses of fresh orange juice, big mugs of coffee, and muffins. All three of us sat around in bed eating and drinking as if it was the most normal thing 12 yo. underage in the world, then Anne leaned forward, kissed me gently, and said "Thank you, Steve." She smiled at Jon and in turn kissed him, but deeply, and for much longer, and when he broke away she addressed both of us. "Time for work for me, I'm afraid. Jon - you'll have to take Steve back to that place, before noon - but you may homemade bondage underage as well let him enjoy himself until then: take him down to the gym or the pool or something. And whilst you're there at the school place, you'd better make a booking for Steve petite underage kidz to come again next month, and perhaps, as a precaution, the month after that, too - but, you know, underaged thumbs girls somehow I don't think that will be necessary, as I somehow feel fertilised already!""I'd be glad to oblige!", I told them. "But you can underage porn games only book underage bodies for next month. If you need me, I'd be glad to come the month after that of my own accord." Seeing them looking puzzled, I added "I'll be a free man underage teenie pussy again then, and I'd be glad to join you - my five years will be up."Anne's expression changed instantly. "Your five years? You mean you're not a slave, but are serving a five year indenture, that finishes in under two months?"I nodded. "Is there a problem?"She got out of bed, and unselfconsciously strode across the room still naked, to type some stuff into a laptop clips kiddy underage resting on a dresser. Then she came back. "I haven't got time now underage pedofilia to research all the legal niceties, but I think you've been cheated, Steve. There was an amnesty - underage 12yr time off for good behaviour - ten percent reduction in indentures. You haven't been given this, they didn't mention to you that you were not being given it because of bad behaviour?""No. I've never been in trouble there...""Well, as I said, I need to look at all the fine print. But I've got an important case conference this morning, and I've got to fly...." She raced off into the bathroom, and Jon and I lay there."Hey, Steve, you're lucky - Anne's on your case!" Seeing me looking puzzled, he added "She's a hot shot criminal lawyer. Mostly for the poor and oppressed, but forbidden underage teen the money's not why she does it - I make enough of that! She's really up on crime, and punishment... She doesn't really agree with all the slavery stuff, so she's an expert in all the rules and regulations... Gets a lot of her clients off, or, at least, manages to avoid them getting enslaved.""So what do you do?""Oh, boring corporate law. Mergers and acquisitions - much less exciting than stopping guys getting enslaved. But it pays a whole lot more!""Hey, I'm really sorry about your infertility....""Thanks, Steve. Nice of you to say so. But I long since stopped worrying about it - they found out about it when I was sixteen and was having a whole lot of medical tests as I was thinking about applying to the marines, and my folks wanted to make sure there would be no problems. It was a shock at first, and I gave up on the idea of the marines - a pity really, as I know I'd have enjoyed the life, but I thought that some of the others would be sure to find out, and I'd get taunted.... So I really worked at my studies, picked law, and here I am. Still, college was good - all the fucking I wanted, and no fear of knocking up any of the women.""We're a lot alike, Jon. I went underage gangbang stories into the marines.... And I reckon you'd have enjoyed it - you seem to be a nice guy, and you make really good friends there."Just at that moment Anne burst out of the bathroom, went over to the closets, and Jon and I lay there watching her dress. She was very quick, then came over and lightly kissed me once more, before being a bit more serious with Jon. "Now, as I said, that case conference. underage model foto You two men enjoy underage phedophilia porn yourselves, and Jon, be sure to have Steve back there at noon - I'll meet you there, with all the paperwork."She turned and went out before I could ask anything else, and Jon, seeing my look, smiled at me. "That's typical of her, Steve. I reckon she's got good news for you about the amnesty, but she won't say until she's absolutely certain as she wouldn't want to raise a client's hopes. But I think you'll be out of that place by about twelve ten if we go in at noon!"He rolled over a little, scratching himself luxuriantly as a lot of guys like to do in the underage masterbation movies morning. "And you heard her, Steve... Us two men are meant to enjoy ourselves this morning. There's the pool in the basement, or we cold go out... Or....""Or?", free underage galeries I asked, seeing him smile, and observing that his dick was stiffening."Or you could fuck me, Steve." He laughed out loud now as he saw the look of total surprise teenager underage naked on my face. "I wasn't asleep in the night, you know. I had to try free webcams underage very, very hard to lie still as you rubbed against me - I desperately wanted to join in, but it wouldn't have been fair on Anne....""Fair to Anne? Fuck you? You're a married guy....""Oh grow up, Steve! Where have you been all your life? Don't you know an awful lot of men like other men?""Yes, fags...""No, Steve. Ordinary guys. Guys like you and me. Some of us get married, and, don't get me wrong, I tijuana underage wouldn't change that for the world - I love Anne, she's everything to me. But when I want to play, it's another guy's body I want... That's why so many men join gyms - they want to keep in shape, underage gay photo but they want underage cunt pictures to see other guys, want to make contact.... And I could tell you're like me, Steve - I underage topmodels saw you watching me.. You're good at fucking a woman, but you also want to be with another guy, don't you?""No..." Even then, I couldn't admit it.Jon laughed, grabbed at my dick - which was now rock hard, pulled me towards him and as he went to kiss me, said "Liar, Steve! The mouth says 'no', but your whole body says 'yes'."Sex with Jon was fantastic. He was very experienced, he knew what he wanted, and he was determined to get it; but at the same time he knew I needed things, and he was determined to ensure I got them. We kissed and kissed, until my lips felt sore. Then he began to suck my dick better than anyone had ever done before, especially as he played with my nips to excite me even more as he did it.He models underaged told me to take his ankles on my shoulders and fuck him at first with him on his back, and then kept calling out to me - above his cries of pain and pleasure as I drove into him - to fuck him harder. Sweat was pouring off me from the sheer physical effort, and when I stopped for a moment to take a breath, he opened his legs and pulled me down onto him so he could kiss me, run his hands up and down my back as his heels caressed my legs and butt, then told me to move so he could turn over. He got his butt in the air and told me to enter him and really fuck him hard now - I heard and felt the slap of my pubic area against his butt, and there was that exquisite sensation from my balls as they swung wildly between my thighs, slamming forward into him 13 underage xxx on ever stroke. Then he called out for me to stop for another break, so he could lie flat on his belly, and he underage girls drunk told me to start fucking again. I think I like that way best, ls underage pics actually, with my big hard body enfolding and encompassing smaller guy underneath: you have to work hard, with a lot of very fast, small strokes, but the sensation is incredible.We both knew, I think, that I was about to cum, and he called out to me to stop. He wriggled around underneath me so he was lying on his back once again, then told me to straddle him and move up - he lay underage models pedo there smiling up at me and ordered me to jerk myself off to finish, as he wanted to feel my fountain of cum all over his face!I suppose I'd always thought that the guy who was doing the fucking was in charge, and that the person you were fucking simply had to lie there and let it happen. But as I rocked back on my heels, squeezing underage teens tgp my dick to get he last drops of cum out and revelling in the feeling you have after a really great fuck, I saw that Jon had been in charge all the time - he'd decided the positions, he'd told me how hard to fuck, he'd made me pull out and jerk myself to climax. I'd been used by him just as Anne had used me, actually.There was more to come, too - he told me to lie beside him, and it was fun at first as he wanted to kiss me and we were both laughing in that way you do when you've had a really good time. But then he began to rub himself against me - his dick against my thighs - and to moan and sigh. It was sexy, I suppose, forum underage pics having his dick sliding over tgp underage girl my sweaty body, but then he nibbled at me ear and whispered "Jerk me off, Steve....". No "please" or anything, it was more like a command I thought. But was I being over sensitive? I didn't want to do the wrong thing - was this what you did for a guy you'd just fucked, I wondered: I was really unsure of myself still, which is not like me at all as I'm normally a guy who's in control. But this situation was so different - a guy wanting me to fuck him, but wanting to decide how I did it. And it's not as if I'm not used to jerking another guy off - I'd had enough experience with Mike, after all. So as Jon continued to kiss me and play with my nips - causing me to wriggle and squirm as they're really sensitive after I've cum - I started to stroke his dick, sliding his 'skin on and off research underage porno the head.He shot his load all over my belly, and into my trimmed pubes, then we lay there together, and he pulled the sheets up over us as the evaporation of our sweat was making us underage pussy review cold. He seemed perfectly at ease with the situation, but I was really off balance, and I illegal boys underage didn't know what to say or do. But Jon, after a few minutes, threw back the sheets got off the bed, then amish underage porn pulled at me to join him. "Come on, Steve! We've still got a couple of hours - we could go to the pool, but it's boring down there as you have to young underage incest wear swimming shorts: the building rules don't even allow Speedos! And it would be a shame to cover you up like that - you've got no tan lines, so I guess you go to the pool naked, right?"I nodded, and he smiled "So let's go shopping instead - I reckon you're going to be a free man soon, and you'll need some stuff...."We showered together, and it was quite like being at the school, really, as I soaped Jon's body and washed him, but then it was quite funny as he didn't really have any experience of doing it to another guy - and I got very anxious as his hands slid over my balls! But it was OK in the end as he seemed to be almost littel underage as nervous as me. He lent me his razor, and at first underage upskirt teenies I didn't want to use his toothbrush, until he pointed out that our tongues had been so close together for so long, that what difference did a toothbrush make? I realised then that underage flashing I hadn't used a deodorant for almost five years, and I yelped when he shook some of his after-shave in his hands, then ran them over my face.Even when I'd been a free man I'd never been in some of the shops we went to - they were way, way out of my price range and, frankly, I'd have felt uncomfortable as a marine going in to some of those snooty places. I was blushing with embarrassment, dressed as I was in those ***** sweat pants and T, but Jon didn't seem to care at all - and he appeared to have an "eye" for finding a particular kind of assistant to help us, one who kept telling us what a fine body I had, and who revelled in running a measuring tape around my chest, and taking my inside leg measurement, and then in fetching stuff into the changing room so he could stand there and admire me as I tried it all on.I couldn't believe some of the prices - Jon chose really sexy underwear for me with a "name" around the elastic waistband, and I knew that it cost more than I used to spend banned underage newsgroups on an entire outfit before! But the video clip underage Jeans he chose clung to me like a second skin, and felt fantastic - somehow the cut emphasised the power in my butt, and the bulge that my tackle made. Both Jon and the salesman laughed at how I was one of the underage sex acts few guys who ever went in there who could really wear the very, very low-slung style as my belly was so flat, and shaved so that my pubes did not sick underage magazines pics up over the waistline. Jon thought I looked best in a plain white cotton shirt - incredibly cut, with amazing detailing - that showed off my tan, and he and the salesman seemed to delight in opening an closing the buttons to get the right amount of exposure of my chest, and then in rolling the sleeves half up "to be formal and yet casual, and emphasising the power in the arms". The salesman wanted to sell expensive leather shoes, but Jon thought trainers were more appropriate, and again I simply couldn't believe the price: I used to buy mine from the discounters, but these were absolutely top of the range.Finally, Jon said it was time to go, and we took a cab out to Phillips' Fighters. I felt a illegal underage nudist sense of dread as I stood outside as Jon paid the fare, and I couldn't fully believe what Anne had said, and I thought I was going back inside to fight for another couple of months. We went in through the main "office" entrance, and the receptionist buzzed us through into Straughan's office. He was sitting behind his desk, but Jason was standing there too, and he moment he saw me he snapped "Get those clothes off! How fucking underage beauties pics ridiculous, for one of our gladiators to be standing there like a fashion underaged anal bbs model...."Jon had stopped to use the men's room or something, and so I was there alone. I suppose I was so used to obeying their orders, especially as Jason was tapping his taser menacingly in his hand, that I began to obey, unbuttoning my shirt, kicking my trainers off, then undoing my lovely new Jeans and pushing them down. I was about to take my underwear off, when Jon came in, accompanied by Anne.My fingers were under the waistband of my underwear and even as she spoke, I pushed them down. "What on earth is going on here?", Anne demanded. Then snapped at me "Steve, pull those briefs up!"Jason stepped forward, glared at me as underage sweet pussy a signal to do nothing, so I stood there with my briefs half down my thighs and my dick hanging loose. He smiled and said to Anne "Ma'am, you hired the gladiator until noon. But now he's back, he's under our discipline again. Please do not interfere.""Let me understand this - you ordered this man to strip, to make himself naked here in this humiliating way in front of us all?""Yes!" Jason smiled. mafia underage stripping "But where's the harm? I had him fight naked underage virgin cunts in front of you all, as well. And he knows what will happen if he disobeys - a touch of my taser here.""I was going to ask about that", Anne underground sex underage replied. "How do you get a man to fight in the nude, and then finish the bout by that degrading performance both for himself and his opponent? I would have thought that the threat of a taser was not sufficient to get a man to fuck another one, especially a man like Steve here, who is so through and through heterosexual."Somehow Anne's use of "fuck" sounded so inappropriate. I saw Jon smiling faintly, underaged nude girls though, and guessed he knew his wife well enough to know that something was afoot. I felt myself blushing, though, as I heard myself referred underage fuck bbs to as being totally xxx underage free heterosexual! I wondered what she'd think if she knew what Jon and I had been doing only a short time before."You're right, of course, ma'am. But part of the skill in being a gladiator trainer is to get the slaves to perform. Sometimes we underage incest picks need to use the threat of force, or of pain, or of both.... That tends not to work so well with tough, strong-willed slaves like Steve here. In his particular case it was easy, though - there's something he wants, and we promised it to him.""And that was....?""Oh, he wants to take away another gladiator when he gets his freedom in two months. He's been 'saving' winning credits, and we said that if he performed well yesterday, he'd have sufficient.""So let me get this clear - Steve fought yesterday, naked, and then went on to fuck his opponent because you promised underage concent stories him that when he became free in two months he could assume ownership of one of the other gladiators, and take that gladiator away with him?""Yes. And underage webcams he fell for it! Of course there's no way we're going to give away an expensive gladiator like Jamie - that's the one we wants.""You told me! You promised....", I shouted out."Silence! Silence, if you don't want a taste of the taser. Of course you're not going to take Jamie away - he' a valuable asset of the business. And we may have said you could, but you're a slave - a free man can say what he likes to a slave, and it is of no importance. nude underage euro We don't bargain with slaves, we command them."I say Jon almost laughing now, as he clearly saw something happening here that I didn't understand. Anne was looking at Straughan and was grimly serious. "Is this man a lawful employee of the company Philips' Fighters?" she asked. underage speedo models "He was here when my husband and I signed your contract to use the slave known as Steve for eighteen hours.""Yes of course! Jason is my second in command, the Chief Trainer, responsible for training the gladiators and in underageteens pussy getting them to fight."Anne reached in to a slim document folder she was carrying, and took out a document - it looked somehow very "official", and she said calmly "I came here this morning as Steve's japan sex underage lawyer, to serve this court order on you requiring his immediate release: you do not appear to have implemented the state's amnesty provisions decreasing all periods of indenture by ten percent. Do you dispute that his indenture was five years, and his release was due in two months?""This is ridiculous....", Straughan spluttered."The facts! Five years, and two months?" Anne demanded."I suppose so....""So Steve is, and has been for the last few months, a free man. In addition to the requirement for his immediate release, the order summons you to the court in two weeks time to settle our claim for damages - Steve has been kept incarcerated here in contravention of the law as he has been a free man for the past four months, and we are demanding substantial damages. Having seen the further humiliation that your underaged nudist nudist employee Jason has put my client through this morning - even now he is having to stand there naked in front of us - that claim will be increased." She looked at me and said quietly "Steve, get dressed. We're leaving."I stumbled around pulling my briefs up, then quickly stepping into my Jeans and trainers. underage hentai galleries I was putting on my shirt when I said to Anne "....and I need to take Jamie, too.""No chance!", Jason told me. "As I said, we don't illeagal underage pussy bargain with slaves! You should have used your credits like that buddy of yours Mike did, for nights of fun with whores. Jamie stays here."Anne looked at Straughan again. "This man here...", she indicated Jon, ".... Is a respected member of the bar of this state, a lawyer of unimpeachable integrity. I will be calling on him as an independent witness to the statements made by you, and your employee."Straughan sat there looking amazed, and baffled. Anne elucidated. "You agreed that the man Jason is a lawful employee of this company. As such, he is empowered to make commitments underage nonude galleries and contracts on behalf of the company - or, at least, anyone doing business with him would have underage dark that reasonable expectation, especially when they hear his title of 'Chief Trainer' - not just trainer, but Chief trainer."She paused for effect, then went on. "And your employee entered into a contract - a verbal contract has all the power of a written one, you know - a contract with Steve here such that if he fought underage naked pussy in the arena, naked, and won, and performed an act of gross public girls underage nude indecency with his defeated opponent, then he could take the gladiator called Jamie away.""You forget, I think, that there can be no contracts with slaves....", Straughan interrupted.",,,,but at the time your Chief Trainer 'persuaded' my client to take part in this degrading exhibition, he was, as we know, a free man! So we have a contract proposed by your employee, and accepted and executed by my client, which you say you are not going to fulfil in terms of the agreed payment. This can of course be easily settled when we are underage hookers in court dealing with russian underaged sex my client's other claims for damages, but the cost to you is likely to be even higher...."Straughan glared at illegal underage ru her. "Very well.""But the agreement was that Steve could take Jamie in two months time. We still have him for another eight weeks!", Jason interrupted. "Another eight weeks, in which we could make him fight eight more times. Who knows what damage might be caused to him in that time.... He might be download insest underage matched outside his class, with much stronger opponents who would crush him, literally....""You wouldn't....", I cried out."We COULD. But perhaps you'd like to negotiate about the amount of damages you're claiming?"So I had to stand there then and listen as Anne and Straughan - aided underage schoolgirl sex and abetted by Jason - argued about money, and conditions. I wanted to take part, but Jon took my arm and pulled me aside. "Leave it to Anne", he told me. "She negotiates all the time about sentencing and stuff, and she'll eat these guys alive - they probably only negotiate occasionally."I'm not sure I liked the final agreement, but Jon, who had been listening very intently, said it was excellent and the best we could hope for. I lost very little of the compensation Anne had been claiming, and although I could not take underage pussy vids Jamie away there and then, it was underaged art photos agreed that he would fight once more in his own class, as the bout was already scheduled and publicised, and he would become mine in four weeks and in the interim would not fight any other opponents.Jason looked really pissed off, but for some tiny underage pussys reason Straughan did not seem unduly concerned. We turned to leave, and I said "I'd like underage family nudists to see Jamie, to tell him the good news....""Certainly not! That was not agreed. And his training will suffer if he thinks he is going to be freed after that bout." Jason replied, and Straughan nodded. So we had to go, leaving Jamie there, although Anne assured me that he would be safe as "It was only a normal fight he was going to take part in.""Yes, but he's going to have to wrestle and kick box naked, in underage nude latinas the big arena.....""Steve, you forget: Jamie's a slave. You're a free man, but Jamie's a slave, and there's no shame in a slave appearing naked if that's what his owner wants.""Well he'll soon be free. Once he's mine, I can free him.""No, Steve. You can't do that. Jamie's a slave, not an indenture as you were, and a sentence of slavery is permanent - once enslaved, you're a slave for free underage pornsites life. The intention is that there should be no appeals, no leniency, no reduction in sentence.... A slave, for ever.""Well I can let him go his own way...."Anne took me by the arm. "I would certainly not advise you to do that. You will be the legal owner of Jamie, and, as such, are responsible for him. If he commits any crime, does any damage, it is your responsibility as owner, not his as underage girlpussy your slave. You need to exercise control over him underage hacked porn to ensure he obeys the law.... And if you do not want to do that, you need to discharge your liability as owner by selling Jamie to another owner who will. This Jamie is underage abuse in his early twenties, I believe...?""Twenty one.""Well then, Steve - think of what you underage russian dating underage drinking party were like at twenty one! Headstrong? Foolish? Likely to get inn trouble with the law? And Jamie's been used to strict control for five years - if you 'turn him loose' as you put it, he'll certainly do something stupid.... And as owner, it's your problem! So, I repeat - do not modell underage free him."End Of Part Twenty Four
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